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Hoping to Adopt?

Become a Family

Adoption is a very emotional process for adopting families. Especially since most families have experienced years of infertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization, miscarriages, and even adoption disruptions. Colores Adoptions will make sure that you are emotionally ready to proceed with the adoption plan and will provide you with all necessary support during the adoption process.

Your Adoption Specialist

Colores Adoptions will assign an Adoptions Specialist to you who will stay by your side during the adoption process. Our specialist will make sure to explain from the beginning every detail of the adoption process and answer any question you might have. She will help you create realistic expectations and provide you with support while you are waiting to be matched with a birth mother. Colores Adoption's Adoptive Family Specialists are experienced in the adoption process who have successfully completed many adoptions and most of them have also gone through the adoption process themselves as proud adoptive parents. They know and understand the different emotions involved in the adoption process and will do anything they can so that you eventually are matched with the perfect birth mother who will make you proud adoptive parents of a beautiful baby.

Relationship with Birth Parents

It is very important for a successful adoption process that you create a good relationship with the birth parents. Your Adoptive Family Specialist will also help you prepare to meet or speak with the birth parents and to understand the birth mother’s feelings so that you can create a strong relationship.