How to Give Up a Baby for Adoption

In most cases, a child is considered a great blessing. However, at some point, you might find giving baby up for adoption as the only option, considering your prevailing situation. Unlike the common misconception that placing a child for adoption is a selfish act of giving up on your baby, it’s actually giving a good life to that little soul. In as much as you’d want to raise your child on your own, some circumstances might prompt you to look for ways of giving baby up for adoption at birth or later, in pursuit of trying to see that the child gets a better life than you can offer.

Reasons for giving a child up for adoption

Here are some of the major reasons that make some parents prefer their children be brought up by adoptive parents:

Financial stability

 From health insurance premiums, food and shelter to luxuries, raising a child is not a walk in the park- you need money (maybe lots of it) to ensure that you meet these needs, among others. If your finances are so minimal that you can’t cater for them, you can consider giving out your child to a person who can provide the child with what he/she will need as she grows up.

Untimely pregnancy

 A child conceived accidentally after consented sex or rape might leave a woman feeling like her dreams have been shattered. In extreme circumstances, the presence of such kids (especially those resulting from rape incidences) in their mothers’ lives may take a toll on the women. This is because they may be a constant reminder of the nasty ordeals their mothers underwent, leading to the untimely pregnancies. If , as a mother, you feel that you won’t be able to accept such child in your life, giving him or her up for adoption might be the best decision for both of you.

Unreadiness to be a single parent

 It’s not uncommon to find a single parent who’s able to raise their child on their own and they are quite comfortable with their singleparenthood. However, some biological mothers feel inadequate to raise their children by themselves if the fathers they sired with aren’t willing or available to assist them with parenting.

If you find yourself there, don’t stress yourself to death. Your peace of mind is very important and giving your child up for adoption might help you live at peace knowing that you won’t have parental commitments that you aren’t willing to fulfill. Fortunately, there’s someone out there who’s willing to step in, assume the parental roles, thereby helping you to have the freedom you need to pursue your dreams.

Health issues

Some health problems can prevent you from being an ideal parent for your child. Whether it’s a seemingly self-inflicted issue, for instance, drug addiction, or a disease resulting from a natural cause, you don’t have to see your child suffer due to your inability to provide a good life to him/her. If you feel that your health issue can’t allow you to provide him or her with a stable home environment and reasonably good standard of living, you can opt to have the kid placed in a family that can take care of him/her than the way you can.

Abusive spouse

Domestic violence can be hurtful not only to a spouse (a husband or wife) but can also have adverse effects on the life of a child brought up in a violent family. In most cases, women and children are victims of domestic violence. To protect their child from the repercussions of a violent home environment, a biological mother or father can make the right decision of placing their child for adoption as they try to save themselves from the toxic relationship.

Religious or societal beliefs

In some societies and religion, having a child out of wedlock is seen as a taboo. In such cases, women who find themselves having babies outside a marriage relationship experience stigma and shame and in some cases, they even risk being excommunicated from religious functions or their families. The baby experiences the negativity as well. To avoid all this, the best decision could be to give out the child for adoption.

There are many more things that can make a biological parent want to have their child raised by adoptive parents. Whichever the case, no one should make you feel like you are doing a bad thing by giving a child up for adoption. As long as the decision will ultimately make you happy and it’s for the best interest of the child, don’t pay attention to naysayers. You are the author of your life. Most likely, you’ll at some point in life look back and say to yourself ”yes, that was the best decision. I’m happy. My child has a better life than I could afford to provide.”


If you are in any of the above situations, most likely, you can’t wait to know how to put a baby up for adoption. Before you see how that goes, it is good to know that whether you are giving baby up for adoption without father’s consent or without it, you need support and guidance during the adoption process. Regardless of your situation, seeing your own child go to stay with other people for the rest of their lives can be extremely emotional. 


Although we may not help you get rid of the feeling entirely, we’ll try as much as we can to assist you remain strong and contented knowing that the child will be safe and happy with their new parent(s). it’s one of the biggest sacrifices that you can do for your kid but it’s quite worth it, especially when you’re guided by people with big hearts for children. As such, it’s important to engage an adoption specialist. On that note, you can’t go wrong with us.

Primarily, the main aim of child adoption is for the best interest of a child. As such, we do all we can to ensure that your biological child gets loving and caring foster parents who’re able to meet his/her diverse needs better than you can.


We are always available for you and we’ll be glad to guide you through the adoption process, from the start to the very desired end. And we value your privacy very much. What we discuss with you remains our secret until when you’ll give us permission to bring another person on board. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure that your child gets a family that treats him/her well as one of their own and get a good life.


Although we have helped thousands of parents in giving up their children for adoption, we treat every case in a unique way. This is to ensure that we factor in the special needs of every kid while looking for adoptive parents who are able to meet the needs. Besides, we ‘ll establish your concerns, fears and feelings and help you overcome them bit by bit during the delicate period of preparing to separate with your little one.


Perhaps you don’t know about the options available for you as far as the adoption of your child is concerned but don’t worry about that. We’ll bring all of them to your attention and provide you with other resources that you might need to make an informed decision. 



Do you feel like you’d want to give up your child soon or someday in far future? Here are the major steps you need to make to ensure that the process is successful and your child lands in safe hands. 


Establish if adoption is the best thing for you and your kid

A child is a precious gift. Even if your baby is yet to be born, the bond between you is still strong and letting someone else instead of you become part of the child’s life won’t be easy at all. In some cases, parents act on the spur of the moment only to regret their decisions later. Maybe you just lost your job and you feel as if you won’t be able to cater for the needs of your child, only to land a good job sooner than you had expected but when you’ve already given up your child to adoptive parents. That’s the time you are likely to find yourself wishing you were a little bit more patient and had the baby with you.

Therefore, before you seek more details on how to give a child up for adoption, first analyze your situation with a sober mind and establish if getting your child raised by foster parents is indeed the right way for both of you. In case you feel like one day you might regret your decision, it’s advisable to reconsider your intention.

Consider each and every option available for you and identify that one which might work the best for your baby, depending on your situation. You might involve us in this for advice if you feel confused. We’ll be glad to see you make an informed decision that will see your child get a better life than you’d provide.

As a biological parent, you are the best person to know what’s best for your child. So, ours will be just to help you identify the best option and then leave it upon you to decide.

There are common questions that we normally get when mothers approach us for their child adoption intentions. Some of them include whether adoption is free. For your information, it costs you absolutely nothing to place an adoption plan for your child. Separating with your kid is more than enough price. The adoptive parent(s) should take care of any expense (medical expense, legal fee/care or pregnancy expenses, among others) related to the adoption process. Besides, you’ll receive counseling fee for free.

Another thing that you need to know at this stage is that giving up a child for adoption doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship with the kid. If you want to maintain a relationship with your kid even after the adoption process you can opt to enter into shared contact adoption with the adoptive family. In this kind of arrangement, you can choose to be visiting your child after a certain period, say once a year or be receiving pictures and letters of your child regularly.

Also, you might want to know if you, as a mother, can give up your child for adoption without his/her father’s consent. Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that. Some mothers who’ve been in such a situation have managed to succeed in their adoption plans while others are hindered by the absence of the father’s consent. It all depends on the specific factors surrounding an adoption situation. The best way to predict the ultimate result of your adoption plan is to consult your attorney.

You can get in touch with us for any information you need to have to establish if indeed you are ready to progress with your adoption. Once you are ready to go, just inform us and our adoption experts will guide you through the subsequent steps.

Establish how you’d want your child put up for adoption

You are the chief decision-maker as far as the adoption of your child is concerned. Remember that you are doing this not necessarily for your convenience, but for the welfare of the child. Although your presence won’t be much in the child’s life once the adoptive parents take charge, the decisions you make while making the adoption plan will forever influence the life of the kid. So, before you sign any papers related to the adoption process, ensure that the decisions you’ll make will be for the best interest of the child. Make sure that you are comfortable with the elements of the plan so that you don’t look back and regret your decision in the future.


Once you involve us in your adoption plan, well assign you an adoption expert who’ll double up as a counselor and a friend. The expert will work with you hand in hand to ensure that he/she fully understands your wishes concerning the adoption and help you to fulfill them. Some of the major things the specialist will want to know is the kind of adoptive family you’d want your child to join and the kind of contact you’d like to share with your kid and the adoptive family.


The specialist will use the information you’ll provide concerning the questions to develop an adoptive plan that you’ll be comfortable with; one that addresses your wishes. You and your partner, the adoption expert, will rely on the plan for guidance through the rest of the steps of the child adoption process. Having done that, eventually you’ll see things work the way you wish them to.

Identify the ideal family for your kid

There are hundreds of families who might be waiting to adopt a child like yours. However, these families are different in terms of cultures, family size, religious background, financial stability and personalities, among other factors. While some might the best your child can find, others can be a pain in the flesh in your child’s life. As such, you need to take your time and get to understand different prospective adoptive families to establish the best, depending on your child’s needs as well as your personal preferences.

With us by your side, identifying an ideal family for your child shouldn’t be a hassle because we have a long list of potential families to choose from. Better still, we do a thorough background check on each of the families that comes to us for a child to adopt. That explains why our popularity in offering the best child-foster parent match keeps soaring.

Here are some of the things we do for you to enable you get the right information regarding any family that you might be interested in to help you raise your child:

  • Perform a background check, for instance through physical home assessment
  • Require every adoptive family to have an authentic video profile and a family profile

Once you decide that adoption is the best solution to your baby’s needs and have our specialist know your needs, the expert will then send you the family profiles as well as the video profiles of the people who seem to the best matches for your needs and your child’s. The profiles and the videos reflect the true pictures of the families because we go the extra mile to verify the information provided.

Familiarize yourself with the family that’s about to take in the child

As a parent, you have a right to know where your child will live should the adoption process be successful. Nowadays, the child adoption process is more open like never before. You are allowed to make a pre-placement contact with the adoptive family before concluding the adoption process to help you know almost everything you’d want to know about them to establish if your child will be in safe hands.

Besides the family and video profiles that we send you regarding adoptive families, you can know more about an adoptive family through your social worker. The officer can stand in as a negotiator between you and the foster family to help you become to a common ground where the interest of the child, your comfort and the contentment of the family have been taken into consideration.

There are many channels that you can use to interact with an adoptive family to know more about them and their capability to give your child a good life. They include conference calls, email messages, text messages, social media.

In the midst of excitement, some mothers who want to place their children for adoption experience some nervousness while trying to interact with the families that intend to adopt their children. However, this shouldn’t worry you as long as you have us by your side. We’ll help you overcome the nervousness and get all the information you need to know about the adoptive family before they take your child.

Giving baby up for adoption at birth and fulfilling the other legal adoption requirements

Now, having identified the best adoptive family for your child, it’s time to actualize the adoption process. in case you are pregnant with the child you are planning to put on adoption, it’s crucial to come up with a hospital plan. The adoption specialist that we assign to you can help you in the creation of the plan.

A hospital plan lays out the order of activities that will take place once you go into labor. Some of the information that you can include in the plan include:

  • The first person to see and hold your child
  • How long the adoptive parents will have to wait to see the baby after delivery
  • The amount of time you’ll stay with the child before handing him or her over to the new parents
  • If you’ll leave the hospital separately or together with the adoptive family.
  • The plan will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts and create a smooth transition of the child from you to the adoptive parent(s).

As you create the hospital plan, it’s important for you to bear in mind that a mother should wait 48 to 72 hours, at minimum, before she can consent legally to the adoption process of his/her child. However, the wait period varies from one state /country to another, depending on the prevailing laws.

Because you might not have sufficient information on how to give a baby up for adoption, the documents you need to fill and how to fill them, the help of our adoption specialist and an adoption lawyer comes in handy. The two experts will not only help you in the steps that require you to sign documents but will also sensitize you with your rights as far as the adoption process is concerned. They’ll also ensure that contented with your decision before signing the relevant documents.

After-Adoption relationship

The end of the adoption process is marked by your adoption consent in the form of signing. Once you sign the consent form, your child will be officially adopted by the new family.  


However, unlike in some past years, when adoptions meant “forever goodbye” between a biological mother and her child, nowadays, you can continue to keep contact with your child even after adoption. However, you need to discuss this early enough with the adoptive family to come to a common ground regarding your continued contact with the child.


Some of the options you have to continue being a participant in your child’s life after adoption include receiving picture updates or letter updates regarding the kid for a certain period- most women who are giving kids up for adoption choose 18 years. Also, you can choose to maintain contact with the family via personal visits, emails, text messages and/or social media. 


Basically, those are major steps on how to put a kid up for adoption. We hope that you are now more enlightened about the process and can make a more informed decision regarding the life of your child. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need further clarification in respect to the subject matter.