How to adopt a child in Texas

Adopt a child in Texas - Nice family

If you are a couple or adult who as the desire to adopt a child in Texas for whatever reason then it has never been simple. The first step in adopting a child is of course first deciding that you want to adopt a child in need of a home. In Texas specifically there are a few legal requirements that must be fulfilled in order for you to become eligible for adopting a child those are that you must be the legal age (21 years old).

You must be financially stable. You must have completed the adoption form and then share your background and general information for assessment. You must provide references of people who will vouch for you. Proof of marriage or divorce is required. You must complete a home study and then submit to a complete criminal background check.

If you are a couple who is adopting from outside the state you will still have to have the background check done in Texas. So once you have gotten the legal requirements out of the way you must decide what type of adoption you will be looking at some important questions to think over are:

  1. Will you be adopting a baby or a child?
  2. Will you be adopting the baby from outside the United States or locally?
  3. How much communication do you think you would like to have with the birth

Next step is choosing how you will adopt a child you can go about it privately on your own by  contacting people who you know who have had an unplanned pregnancy and cannot provide a proper home to a child. Although remember it is illegal to advertise for adoption of a child if you are not a licensed adoption agency. Another option which is the most trusted is going to an adoption professional like an adoption agency which will guide you and search for a child for you to adopt. Other options may be going to adoption law firms or lawyers who deal with adoptions. Once you have gotten this done with the next step is the home study. This is when the professionals come in via the state or through a separate agency, who interview you and visit your home, talk to friends and family to see whether you can provide a safe and loving environment for a child. Once you have cleared this you shall be put on a waiting list. You must then get to the difficult part. Which is waiting for the phone call telling you that a birth parent has chosen you. Once you get the call and depending on the adoption plan you picked you will either have various meetings with the birth parent or parents and you may then interact with them. All interactions are generally done under the observation of a professional but then again depending on your wishes and the birth parents wishes you may have a limited access to them. Once this will be over, you will be able to see the baby.

Again depending on the comfort level you have with the birth parent you may either be there for the birth or may be asked to arrive after. Finally after all that time you may hold the baby. Remember however that the child is not legally yours until you have signed the adoption papers.

Once the baby is handed over into your custody there will be a few post placement visits by the professionals and finally a hearing by a judge who will deliver the final verdict. Once all of this is done you will finally have a baby that is yours.