Unplanned Pregnancy

Reasons for unplanned pregnancy

If you are a couple or a single woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy you may have to make some difficult decisions that will impact your life and the life and future of your child. The reasons for an unplanned pregnancy can be numerous including not using contraceptive methods, failure of the contraceptive method, sexual abuse or rape, innocence or simply ignorance about sexual and reproductive health. An unplanned pregnancy can be a nightmare for a woman who might be too young to bear the child, is a single mother, or simply because her economic situation makes it impossible to provide for another child. Whatever the reasons, you should know that you have some options that could help you resolve this problem, including one selfless choice that offers you the opportunity to turn an unplanned pregnancy into a positive situation for you and your baby, offering you emotional and financial support and the opportunity to give your baby a life full of love and security.

Emotions with unwanted pregnancy

Finding out about an unplanned pregnancy is usually, for many women, a very emotional event that can cause negative emotions such as anger, guilt, confusion, and sadness. Unplanned pregnancies occur very often due to different reasons and those feelings are perfectly normal. Nevertheless you should not make any important decisions before letting all those feelings out by talking to your close family, friends, and professionals. Facing your emotions and taking responsibility for the pregnancy is important in order to start your decision making process. Unplanned pregnancies can have substantial consequences for the parents, the unborn child, and the siblings in the family, especially for women who are confronted with significant problems that can have long term emotional and physical effects on their lives.

An unplanned pregnancy can also have serious consequences for the relationship between the biological parents, especially if only one of them welcomes the pregnancy and the other doesn't. Many families feel overwhelmed with an unplanned pregnancy and worry about finances, housing, time and energy needed to raise a child.

Your options:

If you are faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy then you have basically three options: parenting, adoption, or abortion. Any of these choices may have negative and/or positive consequences for the life and future of your baby, as well as life-changing consequences for you. Some of these choices may also have major psychological and emotional consequences on your life that can last for a long time. In any case you should do more research on the subjects or look for professional help if necessary.

The choice of adoption

Adoption is seen by most people as a responsible and courageous choice. In cases of unplanned or unwanted pregnancy adoption offers the selfless act of giving the child a chance to live and it may even give the child a much brighter future than the birth parents can offer.

Placing your child for adoption is not always the easiest choice, but an adoption can offer you the opportunity to turn an unplanned pregnancy into a positive situation for you and your baby.

Most birth mothers see adoption as the most loving gift they can ever give to their child because it offers them the opportunity of a life full of love and security.