I Am Pregnant

Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

After considering all your options you feel now that adoption might be the right decision. Explore your options with Colores Adoptions. We will assign an Adoptions Specialist to you who will answer any questions you might have about adoption. Our Adoption Specialists can share with you their experience since most of them are adoptive families who have gone through the adoption process.

Living Expenses

Your Adoption Specialist will work with you to arrange the best adoption plan for you and to make the adoption process easier. We will make sure you have all the needed support throughout your pregnancy and that all of your financial, medical and emotional needs are met.

Financial and Emotional Support

  • We will take care of your living and medical expenses (in accordance with state law).
  • We will be there for you throughout the pregnancy and the placement of your child.
  • We will take care of all legal and adoption procedures at no cost for you.
  • All prospective adoptive parents undergo a detailed screening process to ensure that you have the best families from which to choose.

Adoption offers the selfless act of giving the child a chance to live and it may even give the child a much brighter future than the birth parents can offer

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