Find Out Why Open Adoption Is A Stress-Free Process

For many couples, open adoption seems to be an intimidating option. Mostly adoptive parents reject the idea of open adoption as they feel daunted by the fact that the birthparents can remain in touch with their adopted baby. And this to a large extent creates a sense of insecurity among the adopted families. Thereby which refrains most adopted parents from opting for the open adoption process. Insecurity basically stems from the fear of losing one’s adopted baby to the birthparents again. And if you are also wary about the open adoption process, you have certainly landed at the right page as this article reveals all that you need to know about open adoption. Rest assured you can get the best adoption help in Louisiana if take up open adoption. Read on to know more!

  • Birthparents cannot reclaim the baby – The most important thing which you must know is the fact that legally birthparents are not allowed to reclaim the baby once the parental rights have been terminated. In fact, it is quite unlikely that the birthparents would want their baby back once they have signed the irrevocable surrender or relinquishment (depending on the corresponding state adoption law). Adoption basically is a well thought-out plan thus when birthparents decide to offer their baby for adoption they weigh all the pros and cons before making the final decision. No doubt the decision to surrender their baby for adoption never comes easy to the birthparents however once they make the decision and have signed the surrender or relinquishment; rarely do they retract from their stance.
  • Adopted parents are the real parents – Do not be nervous with the notion that your adopted baby may consider his/her birthparents as own or for that matter reels from confusion with the presence of both the set of parents in his/her life. The fact of the matter is that adopted parents pay a visit to the birthparents hardly a few times in a year whereas they spend every hour of the day with the baby throughout. Therefore, it is unlikely that any kind of confusion or query would rise on the adopted baby’s mind regarding the birthparents. In fact if anything, a baby may just consider the birthparents as a relative of the family but certainly nothing beyond that.
  • The rights are with the adopted parents – Once the adoption legal formalities are done, adopted parents acquire complete right on the baby. Even though in open adoption the baby is allowed to meet the birthparents, but they certainly cannot have the right on your adoptee baby in any way. It’s your values, upbringing and thoughts which would be reflected in the baby’s personality and no birthparents can take that away from the adopted parents. Thus, put all your fears and qualms to rest when it comes to opting for open adoption.
  • The fact is adoption cannot be riddled with secrecy forever. Thus it is convenient to introduce the birthparents with the adopted baby through the open adoption. Rest assured open adoption would only go on to strengthen your bond with adoptee. Go for it now to have a hassle-free adoption help in Louisiana.